Meet the Ambassadors

Meet all the ambassadors we’re working with to help raise awareness about children and young people’s mental health.

Our Ambassadors

Meet the ambassadors we’re working with to help raise awareness about children and young people’s mental health.

Bella Ramsey


Actor Bella Ramsey has been open about her mental health struggles. She has now joined our fight for young people's mental health as a YoungMinds ambassador to help encourage discussion of mental health.

"For me, talking about what I’m feeling and struggling with always helps and also makes others aware. It’s important for people to know that voicing struggles isn’t a weakness - we aren’t seeking attention or pity - we just want to raise awareness and help people understand."

Cathy Newman

Cathy Newman2

Journalist and Channel 4 news presenter Cathy Newman has blogged before about the need to talk about mental health and dispel the stigma surrounding it.

She says: “I want to do what little I can to help get the subject onto the news agenda, and hopefully ensure that this generation and the next enjoys better mental health”

Daniel Howell


YouTuber Dan Howell became a YoungMinds Ambassador when he shared a video to his 6.5 million YouTube subscribers, opening up about his depression. He says: “It’s a big part of my story I think people should know and understand, and I want other people going through mental health issues to know that they can talk about it and it can get better.”

Ella Purnell


After opening up about her own mental health struggles, actress Ella Purnell became a YoungMinds ambassador to let young people know they are not alone.

She says: "I have always felt passionate about talking openly and removing the stigma around mental health, after my own struggles as a teenager with anxiety, depression and self-harm left me feeling alone and unable to ask for help."

Jada Sezer

Social media star Jada Sezer is an inspiring role model for young girls and is keen to use social media and the internet to spread a positive message about life.

Check out her video:

Jada Sezer talks online pressure

Katie Thistleton


Katie Thistleton is a TV and radio presenter and host of Life Hacks on BBC Radio 1. In 2017 she also hosted BBC Radio 1’s The Surgery.

Katie says: "I'm passionate about raising mental health awareness because I've suffered with my own mental health problems...I believe we should talk about our emotions and feelings when we're young."

Lauren Layfield

Lauren-Layfield.jpg (2)

As a CBBC presenter, Lauren Layfield regularly works with young people. She’s become a YoungMinds Ambassador to tell young people that it’s okay to ask for a bit of help if they need it.

“We’re seeing a rise in children reporting mental health problems and they need somewhere to turn to. YoungMinds is a charity catering especially for them, and that’s special.”

Sean Fletcher


When Sean Fletcher son’s Reuben spoke up in an interview about his OCD, it moved Sean to do the same: “Seeing Reuben so driven to tell his peers that they don’t have to suffer in silence, made me realise I could do the same for parents of children with mental health issues.”

Now the journalist, radio and TV presenter is an ambassador for YoungMinds, and regularly shares his experiences of being a parent, mental health and OCD.

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The amount of times I’d tried to break out of this shell, talk about ‘I’m feeling a bit down’, ‘I’m feeling a bit scared’, I couldn’t do it. And now I can do it openly.
Alex, Youth Activist
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