Our Youth Panel

Meet the young people who help shape how we work and find out how to join the YoungMinds Youth Panel.

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    Alex (he/him)

    A Member of the Youth Parliament for Stockport, Alex is extremely passionate about mental health in teenagers. He’s also a twin, and has a dog called Bella.

    Alex says: I joined the Youth Panel to work with a charity on a national level rather than just on a local level. I also want to make a difference in mental health. My advice to other young people would be to always speak out if you are suffering; you deserve help!

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    Bernice (she/her)

    Enthusiastic, friendly and passionate about raising awareness in mental health, Bernice joined the Youth Panel to use her voice effectively for an important cause.

    Bernice says: My advice to other young people would be, where you are right now does not define where you’ll always be. Don’t let problems shape you.

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    Beth (she/her)

    Bubbly and passionate about meeting others, Beth joined the Youth Panel to make a change in mental health.

    Beth says: If you’re suffering from mental health issues, please please know you’re not alone. As someone that has been in a very dark place in the past, I felt so alone, I but I promise if you hang in there, the dark will pass.

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    Elsa (she/her)

    Elsa loves the power young people can have in using their voice to shape a brighter future for others. Having struggled with her mental health after experiencing bullying, she knows how valuable the work we do at YoungMinds is.

    Elsa says: My advice to other young people who are struggling with their mental health would be, give yourself time and don’t put pressure on yourself if you’re struggling to express yourself through words. Talking can be really hard, but there are loads of things you can do to help express yourself (I use dance!).

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    Imaan (she/her)

    Imaan wants to make sure the challenges that young people face are heard, as too often she believes young people are left out of the decisions made on what’s best for them.

    Imaan says: My advice for young people is, be kind to yourself. If you spoke to others the way you speak to yourself, would they still be your friend? A bad day isn’t a step backwards and taking a break isn’t a reward for hard work, it’s something we all need to do. Go at your own pace and don’t compare yourself to others

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    Jordan (he/him)

    Wanting to help others who have been in a similar situation to him, Jordan is passionate about telling young people that things will get better. He also loves food.

    Jordan says: My advice to other young people is to believe in yourself, and know that you can never dream too high.

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    Martha (she/her)

    Martha is keen to help change things for the better when it comes to young people’s mental health. She also loves musicals and travelling.

    Martha says: I joined the youth panel because I am very passionate about young people’s mental health. My advice to other young people would be speak out if something is wrong, nothing good can come from bottling up your emotions and thoughts. You aren’t alone.

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    Megan (she/her)

    A lover of nature and the great outdoors, Megan is from Scotland and enjoys photography and travelling.

    Megan says: I joined the Youth Panel because I’m really interested in helping others with their mental health. My advice to other young people would be to speak your mind, and try push yourself a little more than you usually would.

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    Olivia (she/her)

    I am a 22 year old Psychology student from Stirling in Scotland, I am a keen reader and love my family and friends. I joined the panel because... I think joining a charity which is making an actual impact is amazing. It’s time for young people’s services to improve and I want to help make that change.

    My advice to other young people would be...To reach out, to anyone you feel safe to talk to, absolutely anyone. A journey starts with one step – make the first one. Don’t lose sight of who you are, be the amazing strong individual that you are.

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    Sofia (they/them)

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