Our Trustees

Made up of a mix of experts across the charity sector, finance, business and children and young people’s mental health our board provides a guiding hand to ensure we’re fulfilling our objectives.

  • Caroline.jpg

    Chairperson Caroline Hope, Partner, Deloitte

    Caroline's vision for YoungMinds: To play a bold and courageous role in shaping mental health support that is innovative, responsive and sensitive to the needs of children and young people.

    Caroline’s advice to her younger self: Notice the friendships and love that surrounds you, let it wrap you up and look after you.

  • Rob M.jpg

    Rob Mack, CFYP Service Manager, Norfolk & Suffolk NHS Trust

    Rob's vision for YoungMinds: To be the leading voice in championing and fighting for positive mental health for young people and families and raising their voice.

    Rob's advice to his younger self: Spend more time with people who make you feel good, do more of the things that make you feel happy no matter if you are good at them or not.

  • Julie.jpg

    Julie Dodd, Director of Transformation, Parkinson's UK

    Julie's vision for YoungMinds: To be so successful we are no longer needed.

    Julie's advice to her younger self: It's going to work out fine.

  • Simon.jpg

    Simon Major, Group General Counsel, The Prince's Trust

    Simon’s vision for YoungMinds: to continue to champion the importance of the mental health and wellbeing of young people and children

    Simon’s advice to his younger self: don't be afraid to talk, there is always someone who wants to listen to what you have to say.

  • Jenny.jpg

    Jenny Clayton, Partner, EY

    Jenny's vision for YoungMinds: Working smarter to be the most valued source of support on mental health issues for young people, their families.

    Jenny's advice to her younger self: Some of the best things in life develop over time. Give yourself that time and you will shine!

  • Meryl.jpg

    Meryl Davies, CEO at Re-engage (formerly Contact the Elderly)

    Meryl's vision for YoungMinds: to be a great organisation that works alongside young people and will fight for young people and their families.

  • Alex.jpg

    Alex Calcutt, CFO & COO, The SR Group

    Alex's vision for YoungMinds: that YoungMinds is sustainably structured to ensure that it is never constrained by a lack of resources and can continue to make a difference to the lives of children and young people

    Alex's advice to his younger self: look on the bright side and don’t sweat the small stuff

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