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Find out how we set up the HeadMeds website, who it helps and how young people and other experts have helped us make sure it's useful.

Update on HeadMeds

In November 2019, the HeadMeds content was moved from www.headmeds.org.uk to the YoungMinds website, to provide information on mental health medication and mental health all in one place. 

The HeadMeds information can be found in our Medication section. 

Project aim

To give young people straightforward and reliable information about mental health medication from a trustworthy source.

HeadMeds is not pro- or anti- medication. It just gives young people the facts, including answers to questions like 'can I still drink alcohol?' and 'will it make me put on weight?'

The website also offers information about mental health conditions and real stories about young people's experiences of mental illness and taking medication

Who's involved?

We created HeadMeds with the help of Innovation Labs, which funds digital projects that support young people's mental health. We developed the site with the help of young people, pharmacists and doctors.

Dr Nicola Gray, Trustee of the Association for Young People’s Health
Nicola is a pharmacist and researcher with a special interest in young people's health. She is the lead writer on the HeadMeds website.

Young people
From the name of the site to the information it provides, we've asked young people for guidance at every stage of the project. Special thanks go to YoungMinds campaigners Kat, Annabelle and Megan.

Royal College of GPs
The college endorses HeadMeds with a logo on its website. It directs GPs to HeadMeds as a go-to source for mental health medication information.

College of Mental Health Pharmacy
The College of Mental Health Pharmacy (CMHP) helps us make sure all the information on medications and condition is current and legally compliant.

Who's it for?

The project is aimed at young people in the United Kingdom who want to find out more about mental health medication and how it might affect them.

Project outcomes

As well as medication information, HeadMeds includes videos and stories about young people's experiences, practical knowledge, and places to find more help.


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