Supporting your pupils through the COVID-19 pandemic

Tips, advice and wellbeing resources to support pupils, staff and parents during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In these unsettling times, we're here to support whole school communities to cope with the challenges you face now and in the weeks and months ahead.

Below you'll find resources to support you and your school with:

  • approaching the mental health and wellbeing needs of pupils, parents and staff
  • practical steps that will enable staff and pupils to feel safe again
  • rebuilding resilience and hope into those communities

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How can staff be supported during this time?

Schools have done a magnificent job adapting and dealing with a range of competing priorities. We are in awe of how schools have navigated all the different challenges and consistently provide pupils and their families with ongoing support and stability. We know this process has not been straightforward and we are aware of the toll it has been taking on staff. Here are our ideas for supporting the wellbeing of staff during this time.

How should I prepare for children coming back?

So much risk assessments and work have already been put in place to help ensure schools can remain open throughout the pandemic. In this section, we think of ways to reduce anxiety and increase a sense of safety and belonging to children returning after another lockdown.

How do I support my students at this time?

It can be hard to know how children and young people will be feeling and coping at the moment, so it can be useful to focus on two elements for everyone. The first is to acknowledge our feelings and learn to express our emotions, have them validated and recognise that we are not alone. The second is to develop a sense of hope and resilience in the future.


In this section, you'll find a mix of resources you can download to support all young people at this time. You can also visit our coronavirus and mental health page and share this with young people you know.


How can I support parents and carers?

We know this has been a challenging time for many families, and schools are doing a great job supporting parents and carers. Here are some resources that you can share with parents and carers to help boost wellbeing and reduce anxiety.

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