The Trailblazers Club

In October 2017, Josh, Thomas and Hadyn will be travelling over 3000 miles from home to take on the Wadi Rum Ultra Marathon in support of YoungMinds!

The Trailblazers Club was created in early 2017. It originated from a group of friends who wanted to create a club where like-minded people can come together, achieve amazing feats and create long-lasting, positive social impact.

On 9th October the team will tackle their first feat, taking part in the Wadi Rum Ultra Marathon to raise a target of £20,000 for YoungMinds. It will be a grueling week of running through the vast surroundings of The Valley of the Moon in the Jordanian Desert. With average temperatures of 20ºC and highs of as much as 30ºC, this will be the ultimate test of each runner’s stamina, resilience and will power. Aiming to complete the route covering 260km in just five days, Josh, Thomas and Haydn have been training for months to be ready for this demanding personal challenge.

Mental illness is something which is a part of our everyday society. We chose YoungMinds to raise awareness for mental health. All three of us have had friends and family who have struggled with various forms of mental illness. We have seen it take people to dark places and we felt it was important to help a charity which works to support children and young people in their time of need. From a personal level it seemed appropriate to put ourselves through a testing challenge to really push ourselves to raise awareness and funds for such an exceptional cause.

Thank you

We cannot thank the Trailblazers Club enough for their support. The Wadi Rum Ultra Marathon is no mean feat, and their dedication to training, alongside raising awareness and funds for YoungMinds has been unbelievable. The thousands they have raised and continue to raise will make a real difference to our charity.

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Fundraising for us is a great way to have fun, raise vital funds and awareness of the importance of young people's mental health and emotional wellbeing.

If you are interested in fundraising for YoungMinds, we would be more than happy to support you in any way that we can.

For more information get in touch by calling on 0207 089 5050 or emailing us at [email protected]

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YoungMinds exists so that young people have the strongest possible voice in improving their mental health. We need your help to make sure that voice is heard.

The amount of times I’d tried to break out of this shell, talk about ‘I’m feeling a bit down’, ‘I’m feeling a bit scared’, I couldn’t do it. And now I can do it openly.
Alex, Youth Activist
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