Meet our 2021 Marathon Runners

Meet the YoungMinds Heroes who are joining #TeamYM for the 2021 London Marathon!

  • Colby Leader: Joining #TeamYM for myself and others alike

    Colby Leader: Joining #TeamYM for myself and others alike

    As someone who is battling with their own mental health I want to be able to support others and help them get support like I have.

    YoungMinds have opened my eyes that however sad we may be on days there will always be a shoulder to lean on and support them with whatever there needs are. 

    YoungMinds gives me the strength to carry on and every step of the marathon will give me the strength to help as many people as I can! 

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  • Nick Davies: Joining #TeamYM for Toby

    Nick Davies: Joining #TeamYM for Toby

    My brother, Toby, tragically took his own life in 2017, aged just 16. He had been struggling with depression and eventually couldn't cope any longer. It was only after this that my family came across Young Minds and discovered all the amazing work they do to help support young people who are struggling with mental health issues.

    I am running London Marathon in memory of Toby to raise money and awareness of Young Minds and the fantastic work they are doing to help tackle the growing problem of mental illness amongst young people. If only one person was to read my story and get the help that they deserve then the 26.2 miles of pain will be more than worth it!

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  • Clare Forrest: Joining #TeamYM for future generations

    Clare Forrest: Joining #TeamYM for future generations

    I have enjoyed running for years but never actually thought I would complete a marathon! However, in 2017 I lost my father in law when he took his own life after struggling for years with his mental health. I wanted to do something to help others in a similar situation, so they could reach out and get the help they so desperately need.

    As I’m now in my 40th year, the 40th London Marathon seemed the perfect opportunity to raise money ... and being a school teacher, YoungMinds was the perfect charity!

    Mental health is becoming more prominent in the media but the work of charities like YoungMinds is vital and they need our support now. Please help me to help them!

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  • Evelyn Brooks: Joining #TeamYM for people like me

    Evelyn Brooks: Joining #TeamYM for people like me

    I live with a long term mental health condition, which emerged when I was a teenager, culminating in inpatient treatment when I was 16. I was one of the lucky ones - through the support of the NHS, my family and friends, I have learned to live with my condition and build a life that I love - many people like me aren't. CAMHS is cut to the bone and the support I had then just isn't available now. YoungMinds can help plug that gap.

    As a teacher I see so many young people struggling, and the support that YoungMinds is able to give is incredibly important not just for them, but for their families too. I'm running this marathon for every single person out there like I was, who suffers in silence, who doesn't know where to turn or what to do. For the parents and families who feel helpless. The money and awareness I hope to raise will help show you're never alone.

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