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All Eating Disorders Matter

During Eating Disorder Awareness Week our guest blogger shares her story.

All Eating Disorders Matter

During Eating Disorder Awareness Week our guest blogger shares her story.

This week is Eating Disorder Awareness Week, a week I am now passionate about because eating disorders have affected my life for the last 7 years. However, for the first 4 of these years, I didn’t have a clue about eating disorders, let alone understanding that I was struggling with one myself. 

If I had known this one message, that eating disorders don’t need to be visible to matter, maybe I would have realised what was happening earlier; maybe I would have sought help earlier.

Sort it out

In my experience, there are incredibly high thresholds for eating disorder treatments within the NHS and private sectors. From the age of 17-21 I was repeatedly turned away by GPs for treatment, as my BMI remained within the ‘healthy’ weight range. It was only when I became clinically anorexic (a BMI of under 17.5) that I was offered a treatment referral.

This is not prevention or early intervention.

This is not right. 

In my opinion, anyone who thinks thoughts about food and eating are becoming a problem for them, or are taking over their life, deserves help. 

Otherwise, all we are doing is fuelling an unhealthy belief, one which I held for years, that someone ‘isn’t unwell enough, isn’t deserving enough of help’. All this does is delay this individual from asking for the help they so desperately need, and that’s only the very start of their path to recovery. 

Everyone deserves help, including you

In this short blog, I can’t say nearly as much as I’d like to, or speak to all the young people, parents and professionals I’d like.

But I can speak out to young people who might be affected by worries about food, weight or shape.

I can tell you that you are worth so much more than the number on any scale, or on any clothes label. I can tell you that people love you for who you are, and that your personality is not worth compromising for a different physical appearance. I can tell you that you deserve to seek and receive help: from yourself; your family and friends and medical professionals. I can tell you that you matter.
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