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YoungMinds Welcome

Our project to support the mental health needs of Refugee and Asylum Seeking Children.

Project aim

To support the mental health needs of asylum seeking and refugee children.

Through YoungMinds Welcome, we aim to build skills and capacity within the children's services workforce and help professionals to support the most vulnerable young people.

By engaging various workforces across East Kent, Croydon and Teesside we are working towards practical changes within local systems to promote a more trauma informed approach.


Who's it for

YoungMinds Welcome is for foster carers, social workers, schools staff and any other professionals supporting asylum seeking and refugee children. The project is running in Kent, Croydon and the North East of England.

Project outcomes

As part of YoungMinds Welcome, we have been running a set of conferences and free training days for professionals who work with refugee and asylum seeking children and young people. This has included:

Conferences and training courses in Kent and Croydon - 2018

  • training days supporting the mental health needs of aslyum seeking and refugee children

Teesside, Middelsbrough Conference - February 2019

An opportunity to hear from national and local specialist speakers, gain insight and expertise in our workshops, network and share learning with other professioanl carers. Participants attended workshops covering:

  • Practical skills for supporting children who have experienced trauma
  • Supporting the education and learning of asylum seeking and refugee children
  • Practical skills for supporting the resilience of asylum seeking and refugee children

The day was a great success with over 120 people attending from across the workforce in Teesside and the surrounding areas.

Training for professionals in the North East

We are delighted to be able to offer professionals based in the North East a one day mental health course.  The training will be free for all participants and will focus on the mental health needs of asylum seeking and refugee children. The course will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to mental health
  • Risk factors to mental health pre, during and post migration
  • Trauma and adverse childhood experiences
  • Practical tools to build resilience

We’re able to offer this training as both a multi-agency day for individual attendance or as an in-house training to whole organisations. In this instance our trainer is able to come into the workplace and train up to 20 members of staff - again at no cost.

If you would like to attend one of these courses or you would like to enquire about training in-house please email [email protected]

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