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No Harm Done

Explore our toolkits, videos and guides to getting through self harm and coming out the other side.

Project aim

To reassure those affected by self harm that things can and do get better. It’s hard work to come through it and sometimes it gets worse before it gets better, but coming through it is so worth it.

Between 1 in 12 and 1 in 15 children and young people in the UK self harm. It’s often a sign of another mental health problem as is used as a way of relief or escape. It’s dangerous too and can be potentially fatal.

No Harm Done was launched to show people currently struggling with self harm that it is possible to get through it and that the reward is well worth it.

Who's involved

To launch this project, we collaborated with:

Who's it for

The project is aimed at young people who are self harming or at risk of self harming, their parents and the professionals working with them.

Project outcomes

As part of our No Harm Done, we created a series of resource packs for young people, parents and professionals:

We also produced a series of short films as part of the project. All 3 films are available to publish so we encourage young people, parents and professionals to use and share them to help spread the message.

No Harm Done - Things Can Change

No Harm Done - A Parent's Journey

No Harm Done - Responding to Self harm

No Harm Done is a response to the powerful cry for help from young people, parents and professionals, who have told us just how difficult dealing with self-harm is. These films are not intended to shock, but rather to show the reality of what is all too often a misunderstood subject.
Sarah Brennan, Chief Executive at YoungMinds
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