Find Your Feet

Mental health training and resources for pupils, schools, parents and carers to help children cope with the changes and transitions they experience during their time at school.

Find Your Feet is about change, focusing on the transition from primary to secondary school. Learning about how to cope with change will help children with this particular transition, as well as prepare them for many other changes and challenges they will face in life.

This year, Find your Feet is delivering in Schools in Birmingham, Nottingham, Salford, North Wales, South Wales and Northern Ireland.

Project aims

Entering secondary school can be a daunting and stressful experience for children. For some who are struggling to cope, the transition to secondary school may see the emergence of underlying mental health problems and therefore additional understanding and support is needed. With this programme, we want to enable children to face their fears and worries about change, talk about how they feel and help them gain the skills to manage these feelings.

The combined approach of this programme will work to:

  • Support pupils to smoothly transition from primary to secondary, cope with change and start the conversation about mental health.
  • Equip school staff with the relevant tools and skills to be able to talk about change, challenges and resilience with their pupils as well as address mental health issues in school.
  • Help parents to understand more about how to support their children’s mental health and wellbeing.

Who's involved

Who's it for

  • Year 6 & 7 students (Year 7 & 8 students for Northern Ireland)
  • Teachers & school staff
  • Parents & carers

Project outcomes

  • Increased understanding of mental health for pupils, schools and parents
  • Children have increased awareness of where and how to get information and help with their mental health
  • Children have increased awareness of the tools and techniques to take care of their mental health

Project contacts

 Participation Team at YoungMinds: [email protected]

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