Find Your Feet

Mental health training and resources for pupils, schools, parents and carers to help children cope with the changes and transitions they experience during their time at school.

Find Your Feet is a programme we deliver, funded by the Asda Foundation. The programme focuses on change and the transition from primary to secondary school. It aims to help young people cope with the changes associated with moving from primary to secondary school, and any other changes and challenges they may face in life.

We work with the whole school community, including supporting pupils, parents/carers and staff, to enable a smooth transition from primary to secondary school, while also teaching the importance of looking after your mental health.

Project aims

Entering secondary school can be a daunting and stressful experience for some young people. For those who are struggling to cope, the transition to secondary school may see the emergence of underlying mental health problems and therefore additional understanding and support is needed at this pivotal point.

  • The programme aims to enable young people to express their thoughts and feelings about change, talk about worries they may have, and helps them to gain the skills to manage those feelings.
  • It aims to help parents understand more about how to support their children’s mental health and wellbeing during this time.
  • The programme also aims to equip teaching staff with the necessary tools and skills, via classroom resources and activities that can be added into the curriculum.

Covid-19 update

In light of Covid-19, YoungMinds has had to pause face-to-face delivery and therefore Find Your Feet has been turned into a digital programme. This means that pupils, parents and staff will be able to access transition support from us and it will be accessible to everyone.

Resources for pupils

Find Your Feet pupil resource pack

These downloadable resources can be printed and completed by all pupils.

Anna Freud video: Talking mental health

Resources for parents/carers

Parent webinar

Watch our webinar about how you can support your child through the change from primary to secondary school.

Top tips for parents

Read our ten top tips to help your child cope with change.

Resources for school staff

Staff webinar

Watch our webinar around how you can support your pupils through the change from primary to secondary school.

Trauma informed schools

Read our guide on trauma informed practice with six principles that we encourage you to consider when your pupils return to school.

Staff resources

Download our classroom activities to help primary school pupils transition to secondary school.

Download our classroom activities to help your secondary school pupils cope with transition.

BBC Bitesize resources

YoungMinds teamed up with BBC Bitesize to help with four key topics associated with starting secondary school, these being: Being Brave, Changes, Hopes and Dreams and Support Networks. Short films were created to be used as conversation starters at home or at school.

360˚ Schools

Visit our 360˚ Schools page for further information, support, and resources.

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