Introduction to Participation Power Packs

Learn the basics about what participation is, and why it should be part of any organisation that supports children and young people with their mental health

We created these handy guides to give you all the basic information you need to know about participation including what it is, why its important and how it is supported in policies across the children and young people's mental health system.

These packs are for everyone who wants to know more, whether you are a professional refreshing your knowledge, or young person or parent who might be coming across the idea for the first time.

There are three power packs in the series, What is Participation, The Case for Participation and Participation Policy. 

Want to know more?

MindEd have developed free online training modules about participation which are available to everyone. They cover introductory topics as well as more detailed learning in bite-size sessions of 30 minutes each.

Visit the MindEd Participation Hub

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