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About Amplified Events

  • All events are free to professionals working in the children and young people’s mental health system.
  • Events are promoted through our Amplified Professionals' Mailing List so sign up to be the first to hear about them.
  • You can only book one place per event. To sign up to events your colleagues will need to register individually.
  • Places at events are limited so if you are no longer able to attend, please let us know as soon as possible. Most courses will have waiting lists so we can allocate your place to someone else.

If you have any enquiries about events or would like to register for an event and have not received registration information, please contact [email protected]

Upcoming Events

  • Participation in Commissioning – A Digital Workshop

    Part 1 - Wednesday 21 October, 11:00 – 13:00

    Part 2 – Wednesday 28 October, 11:00 – 13:00

    This two-part workshop is for local commissioners who would like to work with young people in the commissioning of services to receive training on how to do this effectively.

    By the end of this workshop you will:

    • Know the purpose of participation and understand barriers to and enablers for children and young people’s participation in the commissioning process
    • Understand how children and young people’s participation can support local transformation and add value to the work of system leaders
    • Be able to identify different opportunities and tools to work with children and young people in planning, buying and impact-assessing local health services

    Book your place: Wed 21 & Wed 28 October

  • Digital Participation with Children and Young People in Mental Health Services

    Wednesday 11 November, 11:00 – 13:00

    Wednesday 28 November, 11:00 – 13:00

    This workshop is aimed at participation leads and professionals with a responsibility for participation in children’s and young people’s mental health who are already using or keen to start using online platforms.

    By the end of the session you will:

    • Have identified tools and strategies that make digital participation meaningful and engaging
    • Know how digital participation differs from and compliments face to face activities
    • Be able to utilise the benefits of digital participation for different stakeholders
    • Have contributed to building a portfolio of best practice of digital participation with young people

    Book your place: Wed 11 November

    Book your place: Wed 25 November

Previous Events

  • Creating a Participation Strategy and Evaluation Framework

    This two-part digital workshop brings together Participation Leads and Managers with responsibility for children and young people or parent/carer participation who are looking for practical guidance on how to strategically embed and evaluate participation across the organisation or programme.

    The objectives of the workshop are for participants to:

    • know key terms used in participation and evaluation
    • know how a Theory of Change underpins your Participation Strategy and Evaluation Framework
    • know steps to develop a Participation Strategy and Evaluation Plan
    • know what to evaluate in participation in CYPMH and why we evaluate this
    • know evaluation tools we can use in our work
    • have created a Theory of Change which provides a framework for developing your Participation Strategy and your Evaluation Plan

    Please note - this is an interactive digital workshop, with a limited number of spaces available. You must be able to attend both sessions 1 and 2 to take part. We will be operating a waitlist once the workshop is full. Consequently it is important that you inform us as soon as possible if you are no longer able to attend so we can offer your space to someone else.


    Part 1 - Wednesday 19th August 11:00-13:00

    Part 2 - Wednesday 26th August 11:00-13:00


    Part 1: Thursday 3rd September - 11:00 - 13:00

    Part 2: Friday 11th September - 11:00 - 13:00

  • Enabling Participation with Young People Facing Marginalisation and Barriers

    Webinar: Enabling Participation with Young People Facing Marginalisation and Barriers

    Wednesday 29 July 11:00 – 12:30

    This 90 minute digital workshop is aimed at practitioners who understand the importance of participation, are already offering participation opportunities to children, young people and their parents and carers, and are looking for ways to reach more marginalised groups.

    The objectives of the workshop are:

    • To identify specific barriers that some children and young people face and how this impacts on their experience of and access to services
    • To identify what stops mental health professionals, services and systems to reach some young people
    • To explore different approaches to engaging children and young people who face marginalisation and share a case study of successful participation

    This workshop is deliberately generic and doesn't put a special focus on specific groups, experiences or barriers. We will explore the idea that existing structures, processes and attitudes in mental health services as well as certain personal circumstances for some young people can create extra barriers to accessing support. Based on that understanding, we want to inspire participants to think of strategies for reaching particular groups, which they can then develop for their specialist environment and circumstances.

  • Participation in Governance

    Webinar: Participation in Governance

    Thursday 11 June and Wednesday 24 June 2020, 11:00

    This 90 minute webinar is aimed at senior leaders and trustees/board officers working in youth mental health organisations who would like to effectively integrate children and young people into the strategic planning and leadership of their organisation.

    The objectives of the webinar are:

    • For participants to identify the dual benefit of and the role for CYP in their organisation’s leadership
    • For participants to clarify their starting point, opportunities and limitations to CYP’s participation in governance in their organisation
    • For participants to learn about a range of participatory governance models and to identify which one best suits their situation
    • For participants to understand the steps they can follow to develop participatory governance in their organisation

    If you were unable to join these webinars and want to catch up on what you missed, you can watch a recording of it on our Amplified Webinars page.

  • Introduction to Parent and Carer Participation

    Webinar: Introduction to Parent and Carer Participation 

    Friday 29 November & Wednesday 18 December 2019, Thursday 28 May 2020

    This one-hour webinar is aimed at professionals involved in the design and delivery of children and young people's mental health services, including:

    • Participation leads;
    • Children and young people's mental health clinicians and support workers;
    • Children and young people's mental health service managers;
    • NHS or local authority children and young people's mental health commissioners.

    It will provide guidance and tips on how to develop a participation strategy with and for parents and carers of young people accessing mental health services. It will also talk through best practice examples, and challenges and opportunities to consider.

    If you were unable to join these webinars and want to catch up on what you missed, you can watch a recording of it on our Amplified Webinars page.

  • Evaluating Participation

    One-day Workshop: Evaluating Participation

    13 December 2019 and 6th February 2020 
    Have you previously struggled to make the case for participation within your organisation or network? Are you determined to demonstrate the positive impact of involving young people and carers in service design?

    Come to our one-day workshop, primarily aimed at children and young people's mental health participation leads and professionals who work closely with young people and carers to co-design services.  
    It will provide practical support on how to monitor and evaluate the participation happening within your organisation or network.
    The workshop aims to support professionals to:

    • Determine what to evaluate in children and young people's mental health participation and why;
    • Develop the foundations of a Participation Evaluation Plan;
    • Develop practical evaluation tools;
    • Consider ways to involve young people in evaluating participation.
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