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About Amplified

Amplified is a programme to support the participation of children, young people and their families at every level of the mental health system.

About Amplified

Funded and supported by NHS England, Amplified is a programme to support and build participation in every part of the children and young people’s mental health system. This means both:

  • The participation of children, young people and their families in the commissioning, design and delivery of the mental health services they use.
  • The participation of children and young people and their families in decisions about their individual mental health and care and treatment

Our goals are to:

  1. Build the knowledge, confidence and skills of professionals across the mental health system around participation
  2. Increase the participation of young people and their families in the children and young people’s mental health system – at individual, organisational, local and national levels by helping more settings embed participation in what they do. 

Who do we work with?

Amplified is a four year NHS England funded programme, led by YoungMinds in partnership with NEL Commissioning Support Unit. The programme started in 2017 and will run through to 2021.

We are currently providing support around participation to a range of organizations and networks in the NHS, including regional clinical networks, commissioners and providers of children and young people's (CYP) mental health services and national CYP mental health policy makers.

We also run open access training courses and develop resources which support services to improve their policies and practices around participation and get children and young people more involved in the design of mental health services, and within organisations as a whole.

We have a team of Young People and Parent and Carer advisors who help us shape the work that we do. This includes speaking at events, participating in, and sometimes co-chairing, national CYP mental health policy meetings, advising us on our publications and helping us set our work programme for the year ahead.

What have we done in the past?

Amplified Trailblazers

Amplified has previously worked with Local Authority and NHS commissioning and provider organisations as part of the two ‘Trailblazers’ cohorts. Over the course of a year, we worked with organisations to complete their goals to improve the participation of young people in mental health services through workshops, listening events and other resources. At the end of the process we collected the learning together to create a range of toolkits for professionals to share the learning on best practice participation

Insights Survey

In 2017 Amplified created the Insights Survey to understand more about young people, parents and professionals’ attitudes to mental health, access to support and participation. We were overwhelmed by the response! We used this work to shape the direction of the Amplified project and understand more about where mental health services were succeeding in involving young people and parents and carers, and where more support was needed.

IAPT Learning Collaboratives

Participation was a central principle in the development of the CYP-IAPT (Children and Young People - Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) Learning Collaboratives. Amplified worked with the collaboratives on projects aimed at training professionals, building participation networks and ensuring that the involvement of young people and carers is supported through organisations, from frontline staff to senior managers.

Some of these projects included developing youth mental health champions in GP practices, creating youth led training courses for staff and exploring ways to empower young people to look after their own mental health and self-refer for support when they need it.

group teen 40 opt
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