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We Support Your Whole School Improvement

We support senior leaders and commissioners to take a whole school approach and ensure schools achieve best practice in wellbeing and resilience.

A Whole School Approach

Why a whole school approach to wellbeing is important

A whole school approach is the most meaningful and impactful way to build resilience in your staff and pupils, including those who are more vulnerable. By helping you to assess your school system and embed approaches such as Academic Resilience across the school, pupils and staff will learn how to cope with change and adversity, to enjoy learning and to look after their mental health and wellbeing.

We offer bespoke training and consultancy delivered at your school and tailored to your needs.

As a school, this [training] programme has helped to build capacity in staff in relation to early intervention and resilience; has changed the mindset of staff and the drive and focus on this helps give staff confidence in this area.
Deputy Headteacher

Services We Offer

  • Bespoke Consultancy For Your School Needs

    Be supported to respond to the current and emerging mental health needs of your school staff and pupils.

    Our team of consultants will use a range of evidence-based techniques and approaches to help your school develop sustainable change.

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  • Academic Resilience Approach

    How can we ensure that the most vulnerable children in the school achieve their best, despite the odds against them?

    Empower groups or individual members of staff to achieve best practice in mental health and resilience.

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  • Facilitating the Academic Resilience Approach

    Train your staff so they can deliver and facilitate the Academic Resilience Approach programme.

    Based on robust evidence, this accredited course relates to current policy, legislation and best practice. 

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  • Training for Clusters of Schools

    Are you an Academy, a federation or from a cluster of schools? By commissioning us to deliver a bespoke package of training tailored to your priorities, you can meet the needs of all your pupils and staff.

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