Stress Buster Timetable For Exam Time

Use this timetable of wellbeing activities to help your school plan exam time with a healthy balance of study and down-time.

Using ideas from schools around the country, we've put together a timetable of wellbeing activities and support that could fit around a week of exams in your school.

These best practice ideas are to make the test or exams weeks as stress-free as possible. Our Teachers’ Insight Group pooled all their good ideas (for primary, secondary and special schools) and came up with a timetable that would really help children cope with the pressure at this time.

Some of their stress-busting ideas include; breakfast clubs, mindfulness, listening to music and meeting a mentor. Sometimes it's just making sure pupils keep some free time in their timetables to keep a healthy revision-life balance. You may also have some of your own ideas to add to your timetable. 

Of course, it’s unlikely that any school would be able to do all of these, but we were really inspired by how creative schools were in finding ways to support the mental health of their pupils.

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