Parents’ Wellbeing

Children’s wellbeing is closely bound to their parents’ wellbeing. Find out how to improve parents’ wellbeing and, consequently, their children’s.

Parents’ Wellbeing

It's not just the children in your care you have to guide - it’s their parents too. As a school, you can do plenty to ensure that parents are looking after their own wellbeing.

Here are some of the best practices you can encourage in parents to help improve the wellbeing of their children:

  • Share worries and seek out support from friends and family
  • Live a healthy lifestyle by eating well, exercising, having fun and getting enough sleep
  • Stay well informed by finding out more about topics that concern them
  • Never stop talking and listening to their child through good times and bad.

What can schools do to promote parents’ wellbeing?

Every school and college has a whole raft of school-home contact tools.  Information evenings and courses, the school/college website, newsletters and social media are opportunities to present ideas and tips for improving parents’ wellbeing.

How you can support family life

  • In your communications to parents, emphasise the importance of quality time together and shared experiences, such as family mealtimes - preparing meals and setting the table together, turning off technology and talking to each other about your days or shared activities.
  • Encourage a healthy approach to consumerism

Tips you can share with parents include:

  • offering opportunities to earn pocket money and encouraging children to save some of it
  • avoiding adverts for consumer goods
  • helping children identify what really matters in their lives
  • Acknowledge parents’ stress - parents of children at your school will certainly be affected by stress to a greater or lesser extent. Stress is not necessarily a bad thing, as it motivates us and helps us perform and achieve. Too much stress can lead to many problems including anxiety, irritability, tendency to drink or smoke more, temper outbursts and much more. These can all affect family life and they will appreciate it when schools let them know they understand these pressures. 
  • Offer opportunities and information about positivity and get parents involved in fundraising, school productions, reading support. 
  • Host a Mindfulness evening for parents - this is a scientifically-proven meditation technique that combats stress. Involve parents in workshops on mental health issues. Have a mental health bulletin board for parents.

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