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Find Your Feet: Transitioning to Secondary School

A film to watch in your class to help them prepare for the transition between primary and secondary school.

Film resource

We have created a resource that reassures children that they’re not alone when it comes to their worries about secondary school, that there are ways to cope with change and there are people to talk to when things get difficult.

The film is for schools to show their pupils as they’re transitioning from primary to secondary school. This could be played on ‘transition day’, or to Year 7s in the first week at their new school or to Year 6s who are just about to move up.

About the film

As part of our Find Your Feet programme, we went into lots of different schools to talk to Year 6s about moving up to secondary school. We heard lots of similar concerns about getting the bus, meeting new people, scary teachers and leaving friends behind. We also heard from many Year 7s who found that some of the things they were worrying about didn’t happen or weren’t as hard as they thought. We combined these worries and words of advice with a pupil workshop to create this film.

More videos

We teamed up with our friends over at Beano studios to make a series of fun videos for children to watch about starting a new school, how to make friends and fitting in. 


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