Academic Resilience

Academic Resilience

See the academic reslience resources that help inform an approach to developing resilience among children and young people

Resilience Framework

This framework summarises a set of ideas and practices that promote resilience. It was originally developed by Angie Hart and Derek Blincow, with help from Helen Thomas and a group of parents and practitioners.

Academic Resilience Zap Presentation

This presentation introduces Academic Resilience and the concepts behind it, why it matters, what your school can do to promote it, and practical steps you can take. 

Audit Process Tool

This tool shows you how to use an audit approach to develop your school. With an audit you can bring together ideas about what could be improved or introduced at your school to promote academic resilience.

Safeguarding Guide for Volunteers and Support Staff

This guide for volunteers and support staff to covers how to promote resilience working with children and young people in schools.

A Commissioning case study

This case study outlines a situation where a pupil needs help with a mental health issue and shows how schools can use the academic resilience approach to support them. 

Character Forming Schools – Building Resilient Individuals

This report features presentations from a variety of professionals on why building resilience in children and young people is important. 

Fostering Academic Resilience: A brief review of the evidence

In this paper Professor Angie Hart and Ms Steph Green, University of Brighton and boingboing social enterprise review the evidence and impact of focusing on a whole school resilience approach. 

Academic Resilience for Children and Young People with Learning Disabilities

These slides are developed to be used with children and young people with learning difficulties to help build their resilience. 

One Step Forward

One Step Forward is a resource created by young people in care to help adults support other children and young people in being more resilient. 

Pyramid of Need

This tool helps identify levels of risk and needs of children and young people by using pupil data.

Resilience in Children, the Family and the Community

This hand out lists the protective factors for children in themselves, their family and the community. 

Ideas for Resilience Assembly Stories

In this document we provide stories you can use in school assemblies to promote resilience.

Resilience Zap Session Programme

This programme plan outlines sessions you can hold to promote resilience in your school. 

The Resilient Classroom

This resource is designed to provide practical help for tutors and other staff in the tutor group setting. It supports the tutor group structure and helps build relationships between tutors and students. 

School Resilience Survey Guide

This survey guide will help you gather ideas from pupils, parents, staff and others in the school community and put plans in place to boost Academic Resilience.

Schools Commissioning Checklist

This checklist will help you make sure everything is in place to deliver academic resilience across your school. 

Senior Leadership Team Audit Tool

Senior Leadership Teams can use this tool to do an audit of their school and find ways to improve resilience throughout the whole school. 

School Staff Audit Tool

All school staff can use this tool to do an audit of their school and find ways to improve resilience throughout the whole school. 

School Staff Resilience Survey Guide

This survey guide helps Senior Leadership Teams to gather information about how their staff are developing their own resilience. 

What is Academic Resilience

This in this document you will find an introduction to academic resilience, what it is, and how it can work for you. 

Which Pupils Are We Talking About?

This resource supports schools to ‘step up’ the things they do to have greater impact on the achievements of their most disadvantaged pupils.

Plan Do Review

This resource shows how you can improve results through academic resilience. 

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