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Wise Up: Prioritising Wellbeing in Schools

We’re calling on the Government to rebalance the education system so that the wellbeing of students is considered as important as academic achievement.

Wise Up: prioritising wellbeing in schools

There is a growing mental health crisis in our schools. An estimated 3 children in every classroom have a diagnosable mental health problem, rising to 1 in 4 when we include emotional distress.

Our new report, Wise Up: Prioritising Wellbeing in Schools, provides 5 recommendations to the Government on how to rebalance to education system.

Our recommendations to Government

We’re making recommendations to Government, calling on them to:

  1. update existing legislation to enshrine wellbeing as a fundamental priority of schools
  2. establish mental health and wellbeing as central part of school improvement, by strengthening the focus on wellbeing provision within the Ofsted framework
  3. develop, trial and establish a wellbeing measurement framework by 2020
  4. embed an understanding of wellbeing, mental health and resilience in all teacher training
  5. provide schools with designated funding to resource wellbeing provision
It is crucial that the new government makes the mental health of our children an absolute priority. At the moment the education system is so heavily skewed it’s hard for schools to focus on the wellbeing of students rather than their academic achievements.
Sarah Brennan - Chief Executive

Find out more

To explore the issues and our recommendations in more detail, download our report Beyond Adversity.

Report published in April 2017

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