Our Response to School Exclusions Review

Read our response to the review carried out by Edward Timpson CBE on school exclusions, and why schools are failing some young people with mental health needs.

Earlier this year, the Prime Minister asked Edward Timpson CBE to carry out a review into school exclusions. YoungMinds have responded to this review and you can read our full response below.

Our view

Children and young people with a mental health condition are more likely to be excluded from school than others.

We know that many schools throughout the country have a positive approach to exclusions that balances the needs of individual students with the needs of the whole classroom.

 However, in some circumstances schools are excluding young people without recognising all their needs, or providing the appropriate support for them to be able to continue their education.

We think that the education system needs to be rebalanced so that the wellbeing of students is as important as academic achievement. To achieve this schools need to be given greater resources and recognition of the work they do through an increased focus on mental health within the Ofsted framework. This would help schools to be able to ensure that students with additional mental health needs are supported to continue their education in the most appropriate way.

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