Ella Purnell

Ella Purnell, actor and star of US drama Sweetbitter and films Never Let Me Go and Churchill, has joined our fight for young people's mental health.

After opening up about her own mental health struggles with anxiety and depression, actress Ella Purnell has become a YoungMinds ambassador and has joined our fight for young people's mental health. 

Ella says:  I have always felt passionate about talking openly and removing the stigma around mental health, after my own struggles as a teenager with anxiety, depression and self-harm left me feeling alone and unable to ask for help. Looking back, despite the fact almost half the class were struggling with different issues, we had no idea who or where to turn to.

YoungMinds has a direct and effective impact, helping so many people.
Ella Purnell

"I have been following the work of YoungMinds for a few years and have always admired their passion and dedication. Not only do they start conversations and raise awareness about mental health, they campaign for better inpatient care, more thorough education and resources in schools and more accessible mental health services. YoungMinds has a direct and effective impact, helping so many people and I am honoured and inspired to be joining them on this journey."

As someone who experienced the nerves and emotions surrounding exam results day, Ella has shared her advice to anyone who may be feeling the pressure of exams: 

"I know it's scary. And i know it's not fair. But, what if I told you that those tiny little letters, and numbers, and all those sleepless nights... what if I til you they don't have the power to stop you being who you're going to be?"

You can read more of Ella's advice in her blog, 'A Letter To My Younger Self: The Night Before Results Day.'

We're delighted that Ella has become a YoungMinds ambassador, and look forward to working with her. 

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