Self-Harm Awareness Day

Self-Harm Awareness Day

Every year on March 1st we work with ChildLine, selfharmUK and The Mix to get rid of the stigma around self-harm that stops young people looking for help.

Why we campaign

More and younger children than ever before are self-harming. Counselling sessions from ChildLine are up 167% while the age teens start to worry about self-harm has dropped from 14 to 13.

There is a stigma around self-harm that can stop young people who are worried about self-harm from looking for help. Part of this stigma comes from the misconceptions that surround it, such as the idea that boys don’t self-harm - they do - or that it is attention-seeking.

It is not easy to just stop self-harming and we continue these annual campaigns to make more people aware of it and make it easier for young people to get help and get through it.

Our Solution

We run Self-Harm Awareness Day with 3 other charities - ChildLine, The Mix and SelfharmUK to raise awareness of self-harm, its different triggers and ways of dealing with it. Together we have:

  • run a 2000-strong survey to find out how young people feel about self-harm and make it clearer to others what the problem is
  • focused on different triggers and solutions such as self-harm, social media and the online world or using distraction techniques.
  • challenged misconceptions by increasing the publicity around self-harm the campaign made young people and their carers aware of what self-harm really means, who it affects and how to get help.

How to Get Involved

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