Our #FightingFor Campaign

We’re #FightingFor a new era for young people’s mental health, where help is available to every young person who reaches out.

Why we're campaigning

Growing numbers of young people are seeking help for their mental health, meaning that an already over-stretched system is a long way from meeting demand.

To end the crisis we need an ambitious new funding settlement matched by a fresh approach to how we support young people with emerging needs.

This means:

  • Faster access to mental health services for those who need it, from a system equipped to meet growing need. Current levels of funding are intended to ensure that 1 in 3 young people with a mental health problems get support from NHS mental health services. To even keep up with this low target, we need a commitment to substantial new investment over the next ten years.
  • New ways for young people to get help early, before they require specialist support. We need to ensure that all young people who are struggling with their mental health have somewhere to turn. Every community must have spaces where young people can go to feel safe, work through how they are feeling and learn strategies to help them manage and start to feel better.

Did you know?

We carried out a survey with more than 2,000 parents and carers whose children have looked for support for their mental health, which showed that:

  • 76% of parents said that their children’s mental health had deteriorated while waiting for support from Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS).
  • Two-thirds (69%) of parents said that neither they nor their children had been signposted to any other form of support during the time they were waiting for support from CAMHS.
  • Despite welcome extra investment in CAMHS since 2015, it remains the case that less than 1% of the total NHS budget spent on children and young people’s mental health.

For more results from our survey, read our report: A New Era for Young People's Mental Health

Our solution

We're #FightingFor:

  1. An ambitious new funding settlement that reflects the reality of the crisis
  2. A bold new approach to getting the right support to young people before their needs escalate
  3. Reformed crisis and specialist services, to improve the consistency and experience of care across the country
  4. All young people given the skills, knowledge and resources to look after their mental health
  5. An expanded specialist workforce, while making mental health the responsibility of all professionals working with young people.

On Thursday 22 November, we handed in a petition to 10 Downing Street calling for a new era for young people's mental health. Thank you to the 30,000 of you who signed the petition!

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