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Life on the Web

Growing up today is very different from how it was 20 years ago. We've been campaigning to raise awareness of how the online world affects young people's mental health.

Why we’re campaigning

Almost all young people use social media. It's a normal part of life and can have huge benefits – but it can also add to the pressures we face.

Our activists created the #LifeOnTheWeb campaign to help young people tackle problems like cyberbullying, pressure on body image, FOMO, online privacy and social media addiction, using the hashtag #LifeOnTheWeb.

They ran a cartoon competition, published blogs and articles, spoke about their experiences in the media, worked with film students to create a film about cyberbullying, and asked people to share photos of their life online Vs their life offline. The campaign reached hundreds of thousands of people, and the activists behind it won the Christine Jackson Young People’s Award at the 2016 Liberty Human Rights Awards.

Our solution

Through the #LifeOnTheWeb campaign, young people shared their own experiences and advice about the mental health effects of the internet. But we know there is more to do.

In 2017, more than 1,000 young people took part in our survey on cyberbullying and social media. The results helped to shape a Cyberbullying Inquiry we ran with The Children’s Society and Alex Chalk MP.

We are continuing to campaign for digital resilience to be a compulsory part of the national curriculum and for social media companies to do more to tackle cyberbullying and promote good mental health.

Our research shows that children and young people understand the online world a lot better than most adults, they are active creators of content, and are discerning when it comes to navigating social media. They’re more likely to listen to other young people, including older siblings, than adults warning them about the dangers of the online world.
Sarah Brennan, Chief Executive of YoungMinds

How to get involved

You can show your support by joining the conversation and tell us how you use the Internet to look after your wellbeing using hashtag #LifeOnTheWeb

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