Beano and YoungMinds

Beano and YoungMinds

We’ve partnered with Beano Studios (home of The Beano comic) to create fun, engaging content for under 12’s that can help support their mental health and wellbeing.

Meet Mandi

Our friends over at Beano Studios have created a brand new character, Mandi. Like many others her age, Mandi faces new challenges, like getting her first phone. You can follow her adventures at

Mandi gets her first mobile phone.

Your First Phone

If, like Mandi, you've recently got your first phone, here are some top tips: 

1. Someone hasn’t text me back what do I do?

First of all, don’t worry! Try not to overthink things when you’re texting a friend. If they haven’t replied straight away, they might not have seen your text, they might be busy, or they might still be trying to find the perfect emojis to reply with!

2. I’m worried I might say the wrong thing

Take your time before you send a text. If you’re feeling an intense emotion like anger or sadness, wait until you can think things through before sending a message that can’t be taken back. Don’t worry if you’ve upset someone – you can always speak to them in person, or send another text to explain what you meant.

3. Is texting better than a face to face chat?

Sometimes it’s easier to chat about something you’re worried about over text or online. But if you would prefer to talk face to face, or spend some time with a friend, arrange to meet up with them. Texting shouldn’t replace spending time with your friends and family.

4. What should I do if someone is sending horrible messages to me?

Speak out. Remember if you are being bullied it isn’t your fault and you can always speak to someone about it. Talk to a trusted adult at home or at school, this could be a parent, older brother or sister, or a teacher.

5. I’ve just got a phone; is there anything I should know?

It’s great to have a phone, but remember to look after yourself like you would in any other situation. If you’re worried about anything you receive from another person – tell an adult you trust straight away. For more tips on mobile phone safety, have a look at the advice on the childline website.

Check out these Beano videos, all about mobile phones. 

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