Adolescent Mental Health Training

Understand young people’s mental health and support them through their teenage years

What you'll learn

This introductory course will give you the knowledge and understanding of adolescent mental health and wellbeing to support young people through their teenage years.

During the course you’ll:

  • Understand theories of teenagers’ cognitive, emotional and social development, including attachment theory
  • Explore insights into neuroscience and brain development theories
  • Learn why teens display risk-taking behaviour
  • Develop an understanding of emotional issues adolescents may face
  • Learn how to help adolescents build resilience and find coping strategies
  • Explore practical tools to try out with teenagers

Why take this course?

The teenage years are recognised as a difficult and turbulent time for young people and the people who care for and work with them.

We provide a solid understanding of teenage mental health and wellbeing issues, and a ‘toolkit’ of strategies for helping you to help young people.

Our course will equip you to give meaningful support to teenagers and young people during this tricky, transitional time.

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