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We run a variety of training courses to help you to improve mental health for children and young people in the UK.

Update: Regarding training and Covid-19

We are currently providing limited face to face training, only for in-house work and project work, but have a new range of online workshops being offered instead.

If you want to find out more about our in-house training where we bring our training to you, please make an enquiry.

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    Online workshop: Introduction to Participation

    Understand how participation can improve mental health services for children and young people, and how you can integrate participation into your work.

    Online Thursday 19th
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    Online workshop: Building Resilience

    Understand the importance of resilience and how to help build it in the children and young people you work with.

    Online Friday 20th
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    Online workshop: Enabling Participation with Young People Facing Marginalisation

    Learn how participation can help engage children and young people who face marginalisation and barriers to mental health services.

    Online Tuesday 8th
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    Online workshop: Trauma and Adversity

    Learn about the impact of adverse life experiences on children’s wellbeing and use trauma-informed approaches to support their mental health.

    Online Wednesday 9th
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    Online workshop: Creating a Participation Strategy and Evaluation Framework

    Learn how to build a participation strategy and evaluation framework for your setting based on theory of change.

    Online Wednesday 16th
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    Online workshop: Introduction to Adolescent Mental Health

    Understand young people’s mental health and support them through their teenage years

    Online Wednesday 16th
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    Participation in Young People's Mental Health Training

    Understand how participation can improve mental health services for children and young people, and plan your own participation offer.

    London Friday 22nd
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    Participation with Vulnerable Groups Training

    Help young people who experience extra vulnerabilities to have their say in the design and delivery of mental health services

    London Thursday 18th
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    Evaluating Participation Training

    Learn how to evaluate your organisation’s participation work, and how to meaningfully involve young people in the process.

    London Thursday 18th
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