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Your voices amplified: launch of new report

We've launched a report covering what young people, parents and carers told us about their experiences of participation in mental health services - here's what we heard.

Earlier this year we invited young people, parents and carers to tell us all about your experiences of participation in mental health services - the successes, the ambitions, as well as the challenges.

This was part of Amplified, the four year programme YoungMinds is running with NHS England and NEL CSU. Together, we’re working to develop the participation of young people and their families across the young people’s mental health system.


We heard

There’s massive commitment and enthusiasm for participation among young people, parents/ carers and professionals.

  • 72% of young people believe that getting involved in decisions about how their services are run will improve services for themselves and other young people
  • 83% of professionals think young people should be more involved in making the decisions which affect their organisations day to day
  • 96% of parents believe that getting parents more involved in mental health service planning could improve the wellbeing of young people using services

However the research also reveals several areas in which young people parents and professionals are less confident. For example:

  • There is confusion about what ‘participation’ in children and young people’s mental health means. It would be helpful to have more clarity across different types of organisations - from universal to specialist- about how and where to involve young people.
  • Professionals want to be clearer about the relationship between prevention and participation, and how they can promote young people’s self-care in their work.
  • Young people and parents are not confident around many aspects of mental health literacy including how, when and where to seek support- nor on their rights around confidentiality once they access services

Over the next four years, #TeamAmplified will be working with young people, parents and professionals right across young people’s mental health services, developing the strengths you’ve highlighted, and confronting the difficulties.

Comments from George, our Youth Advisor

It’s really encouraging to see that 83% of professionals think young people should be more involved in shaping the decisions that impact day to day operations of their organisation

“But it’s also clear that some young people and parents lack confidence and opportunities to make changes to mental health services in their local area, and can find it hard to access information about mental health which is useful to them. This is something that really needs to be worked on - making information more easily accessible is crucial to getting help at an early stage.

#TeamAmplified will be using these findings to work out what needs to be addressed first in order for mental health services to change.”

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