YoungMinds supports Body Image Pledge

YoungMinds is giving its support to The Body Image Pledge. Part of the Be Real Campaign, The Pledge seeks to address body image anxiety, a critical health problem suffered by one in four people in the UK which can ultimately cause low self-esteem and depression.

Sarah Brennan, Chief Executive of YoungMinds, said:

“Young people are bombarded with images telling them what a ‘perfect’ body looks like, which often has hugely damaging effects on their self-esteem. As a society, we should be helping girls and boys to feel positive about who they are and how they look, rather than anxious and insecure. The fashion, music and advertising industries have an important role to play by promoting authentic and diverse body images, and that’s why we hope as many companies as possible sign up to the Pledge.”


The Be Real campaign wants everyone in the UK to be body confident. It recognizes how important physical and mental health is and low body confidence can affect everyone.

Body image anxiety, amongst other things:

  • stops children from putting their hand up in class;
  • discourages children and adults from exercising;
  • leads to a variety of eating disorders;
  • leads to young people taking less care of themselves during sex;
  • leads substance abuse;
  • and is directly linked to weight gain.

The Pledge calls for the responsible portrayal of body image by the advertising, fashion, media and music industries, and other relevant organisations. They are asking companies and other organisations to make a commitment to publicly endorse and sign up to the Pledge.

It sets out how organisations and individuals can make responsible changes in their approach to body image issues and encourages collaborative working to bring about lasting cultural and behavioural change.

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