Youngminds Fundraising Round-Up

In this week’s round-up we shine the light on what some of our brilliant fundraisers have been doing to support the work of YoungMinds.

We are so proud of and grateful for the incredible work our fundraisers do to help raise vital funds and awareness around child and young people’s mental health. We couldn’t do it without you!

Alex Staniforth

Adventurer enthusiast, Alex Staniforth, will be taking on a series of fundraising challenges for YoungMinds over the next year. Alex said:

I can understand the problems young people face because I've been there. Mental health has often been a bigger challenge to me than attempting to climb Mount Everest.

Returning from Tibet, where he climbed mount Cho Oyu - the sixth highest peak in the world - Alex had this to say about the experience:

After reaching over 7,100 metres altitude, I was unfortunately unable to reach the summit of Cho Oyu due to acute mountain sickness, and had to descend very quickly. The challenges in mountaineering are nothing compared to what many young people with mental health problems are facing, so I'm glad to be raising funds for YoungMinds in the process and taking this important message to new heights.

Everyone at YoungMinds is incredibly grateful for Alex’s determination, passion and endurance.

You can support Alex via his Just Giving page.  

Dale Thomas

In September, the incredible Dale Ryan gathered a team of twenty runners and supporters of YoungMinds to challenge themselves to run a combined distance of 1000 miles. Spread across the UK, through sun and rain, the twenty ran throughout the month. With the final hours ticking away, it wasn’t until the last day that Dale and his team reached their target, finishing on 1004 miles.Their amazing fundraising is set to raise well over £1,000 for YoungMinds.

Dale said his favourite part of the fundraising was:

The support that we received as a team was incredible, but my favourite part of the whole experience was seeing 20 individuals, most of whom have never met, support and encourage one another throughout the month.

Help Dale and the team reach their target via his JustGiving Page

Alex Andreadis

Our amazing supporter, Alex Andreadis, took on an Atlantic Coast Challenge, running three marathons (78.6 miles) in three days, from Padstow to Land’s End on the South West Coastal Path.

His amazing feat of endurance gathered overwhelming support, and he is set to raise nearly £10,000 for YoungMinds. By committing to run in a pink tutu, Alex received a £1,500 donation. We hugely appreciate it Alex!

Everyone at YoungMinds would like to wish a massive thank you to Alex for his astonishing achievement. You can too say thank you to Alex via his Virgin Money Giving page here.

Brett Foulds

The dedicated Brett Foulds, with team mates Paul and Scott, completed the incredible 90 mile Viking Way trek in Yorkshire and raised over £600 for YoungMinds. Despite blisters and sore muscles, Brett said:

It was arduous and harder than we anticipated, covering over 22 miles per day…but it is such a great walk with some amazing views along the way, maybe just walk a few miles at a time though.

When asked about his motivation behind fundraising for YoungMinds, Brett said:

My Son is suffering from PDA, still in the early stages of diagnosis and being pushed from one doctor to another is massively frustrating…To have a charity like YoungMinds is amazing, it’s wonderful to know that there is help out there for those who need help and guidance for whatever reason. This is why I decided to organise the 90 mile walk.

Thanks so much Brett! You can still support him and his team via his JustGiving Page.

Laura Vann

Incredible YoungMinds supporter, Laura Vann, leapt from 300 feet in an epic bungee jump to raise funds and awareness for our charity. After coming safely back to earth, she said:

It was the most thrilling but terrifying thing... There was a moment of doubt that entered my head but I knew it had to be done...

Thank you so much Laura, for completing such an inspiring challenge for YoungMinds. You can show your thanks as well by donating via her fundraising page


YoungMinds would not be able our work or services without the dedication and support of our brilliant fundraisers. 


Fundraising in support of YoungMinds is a great way to have fun, raise vital funds and awareness of the importance of young people's mental health and emotional wellbeing.

If you are interested in fundraising for YoungMinds, we would be more than happy to support you in any way that we can.

For more information get in touch by calling on 0207 089 5050 or emailing us at fundraising@y

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