YoungMinds 360° Schools' Community: CEO's Welcome

Our Chief Executive, Sarah Brennan OBE, welcomes you to our new schools community for sharing mental health and wellbeing best practice.

Welcome From Sarah Brennan OBE, Our Chief Executive

We’re delighted to have launched our 360° Schools’ Community newsletter. We know that schools are incredibly busy places and staff are dealing with more than ever before, including coping with their own stress as well as that of their pupils or students.

That’s why we’ve started the YoungMinds 360° Schools’ Community.  We have a wealth of experience and knowledge about children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing. We’ve helped many schools and school staff with practical solutions, resources and training. We have seen the great work that many schools are already doing. But, because schools are increasingly fragmented, staff can feel isolated – despite wanting to work with other professionals and time pressures sometimes don’t allow for this collaboration. Our aim is to help schools both provide and receive support from each other.

So, the 360° Schools’ Community will provide a platform for sharing information, top tips, best practice and policy updates about everything connected to resilience building, wellbeing and mental health.

We know school staff are passionate about education in the widest sense, and will also facilitate consultations and involvement in key policy developments like the current Green Paper on mental health, and our Wise Up campaign.

Our community is here to help you support the children and young people you work with, but to provide care for someone else’s wellbeing and mental health, we first have to take care of our own! That’s why for our first edition, we are focussing on meaningful self-care, especially that of school staff.  It touches on how we currently cope, and might better cope with the demands of working in schools. 

We understand that there are challenges at every turn, so this is about being equipped with little things that can all add up to help us.

Each edition of our 360° Schools’ Community newsletter will have a different focus, and we want to hear from you about what you need and would enjoy from this community.  What issues are you dealing with in your school, what support could we provide, what are you already doing well? Over time we will cover a broad range of the different aspects affecting and supporting the mental health, wellbeing and resilience of children, young people, school staff and parents/carers.

We can help schools talk confidently and knowledgeably about mental health – it’s everybody’s business.

Please join us here

With very best wishes,

Sarah Brennan, CEO

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