Young Activists Tell Huffington Post ‘Young Minds Matter’

Four YoungMinds Young Activists have spoken out about their experience of mental health issues as part of Huffington Post’s Young Minds Matter campaign.

A video featuring Young Activists Jack, Sai, Aaliyah and Rebecca was featured on the Huffington Post today as part of a mental health special edited by the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. In the video our four Young Activists talk about their own mental health issues, what helped them, and how it got better.

Growing Up with Mental Health Issues

Speaking about her experience of anorexia and depression as a ten year old, Sai says in the video:

“It felt like there was something actually telling me that I’m not worth it, I’m not good enough… ..I would stay up all night, and sleep all day, and I would refuse to go into school. … I had no support at home, and every time I did say something because I was so young everyone would just dismiss it.”

Rebecca opened up about the impact bullying had on her:

“There were some older teenagers that tried to set my hair on fire. I can always remember that day because it was quite traumatic… .. I felt alone, I felt hated and the only way for me to feel something was through self-harming.”

Reaching Out and Finding Help

Jack also suffered from violent bullying in school. When he was twelve he tried to take his own life. Looking back Jack says reaching out made all the difference:

“When I was really young the first person I confided in was my mam. When I told her, a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders… ..If I could meet my 11 year old self now, I’d tell him not to be scared of what would happen if he spoke up about it.”

For Aaliyah, who suffered with an anxiety disorder, it was a talking to a teacher that helped her:

“One of the best things for me was one of my teachers. It just felt like he understood me completely.”

Young Minds Matter

You can see more of our Young Activists on the Young Minds Matter website.

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