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Worried about the news?

If you’re feeling concerned about something you’ve read, heard or watched on the news, it’s important to remember that you’re not alone.

Feeling scared or worried at times like these is perfectly understandable, but it’s important to think about your own wellbeing when you’re staying informed. Our Activists and Amplified Champions have some tips to help.

Acknowledge your feelings

"Remember it's okay to have feelings about it and be affected by it. You can't help that you have feelings about it even if you weren't the 'victim', even more so if you have a mental health problem like depression/anxiety. Don't hate yourself for it and take care of yourself as well as you can." 
Irum, YoungMinds Activist

Speak to someone you trust

"If you see something on the news then talk about it, don’t keep it to yourself." 
Jessica, YoungMinds Activist

Remember: we see more of the bad news because it’s out of the ordinary

"Things are in the news because they are out of the ordinary. For everything bad which gets reported in the news, 1000 similar things went off without a hitch. We just see more of the bad stuff because it's not the usual."  
Clarice, Amplified Champion

Switch off if you need to

"It's okay to take a break. You don't have to watch or read the news if it's making you feel worse. It's not disrespectful to those who got hurt if you don't know every detail. Look after yourself." 
Immi, YoungMinds Activist

Look for the people that are helping

"Always look for the people that are helping, there are more of them than anyone doing harm." 
Gabi, YoungMinds Activist

More Help

Read more about looking after yourself at The Mix.

Read advice on the Childline website, or call them free on 0800 1111 for confidential support.

Newsround have important advice about looking after yourself when you watch the news.

Victim Support offers free and confidential advice to anyone affected by crime or traumatic events, including those who have been bullied as the result of something on the news. You can call them on 0845 30 30 900.

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