World Suicide Prevention Day 2016

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. On a global scale, suicide is the second-leading cause of death in 15-29 year olds.

Most people have times where they feel really low, but for a very depressed person this can lead them to not being able to see any way out, and feeling so intensely negative about life they cannot see the point in carrying on.

Due to the number of changes they are going through, young people can be particularly vulnerable to feeling suicidal.

But with early intervention, many young suicides are preventable. Through talking, asking questions, listening and being open, not just about suicide but any mental health issues a person may be experiencing, we can help young people get the support and treatment they need.

World Suicide Prevention Day is an opportunity for friends, family and professionals to join together and acknowledge that suicide is something we can work together to prevent.

If you are worried a child or young person you know may be feeling suicidal, we are here to support you - we can help you recognise the signs that someone is at risk, how to talk to them about it and organisations which can help you.

If you need to talk to someone in confidence you can contact the YoungMinds Parents' Helpline for free, either by phone or by email.

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