Connor Ball

Why Connor Ball Is Supporting #HelloYellow

This World Mental Health Day we spoke with Connor Ball from The Vamps about mental health and why he's supporting #HelloYellow.

Mental health maintenance

You have spoken about your own struggle with anxiety. Why is it important to talk about your mental health?

It's so important as talking about it first and foremost takes that weight off your shoulders that you've potentially been carrying around for so long. After you've made the first step this can then lead to your recovery!

How do you look after your own mental health and where do you seek support when you need it?

I do a couple of different things to ensure my mental health stays healthy! Going to the gym and running are the biggest things for me - they massively help clear my head. I can't lie because Dominos and McDonalds are my favourite things but eating healthily is a huge help too.

Speaking to family and friends is my biggest support if I need a little help from time to time. I've spoken to my parents a lot in the past and my girlfriend Lucy is an amazing listener and gives the best advice too.

Speaking to family and friends is my biggest support if I need a little help from time to time.


Thank you for taking part in #HelloYellow on World Mental Health Day! What does #HelloYellow mean for you and why is it important to show young people that they are not alone with their mental health by taking part?

I think the biggest issue with the mental health battle is that people think they are alone dealing with something and no one has ever had what they've had. I know I felt that way!

Mental health is an incredibly tough subject to speak about if you're going through something for the first time. I know from my own experiences that I really struggled. I would absolutely love to be able to make a difference to even a few people and give them the ability to speak out so they can then help themselves.

How did it feel when you found someone who you could talk to about your mental health?

A huge weight was lifted off my shoulders! I think it opens a lot of doors for you to be open in yourself but I also feel like I can give advice to other people now and listen to their stories.

Making sure that people are aware that there's other people going through the exact same thing is huge. Just even knowing that is a help in itself!

Advice for young people

Do you have any advice on how to be a good listener? What helped you open up to someone you trust?

Having no judgement is the best thing possible. It's so hard not to judge if you've not been through something that someone else is telling you about, but just listening and taking it in is sometimes all someone needs.

Do you have any advice for a young person who wants to break into the music industry?

Try to get yourself out there as much as possible! I would busk every weekend, put YouTube videos up, play gigs in bands and just ultimately try to increase the chances of anyone seeing my stuff.

Put the hours into what you love the most and people will notice that.
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