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What Christmas Cards Should Really Say

'Merry Christmas’ isn’t always the best greeting for everyone. So our Activists have created alternative Christmas cards for those who are unwell or going through a tricky time.

Christmas is a day when we are told to have a merry, happy and ‘the most wonderful’ time of the year. But for many, the day may bring loneliness, bereavement, or heightened anxiety and depression. If you are facing a difficult Christmas, or know someone who is, here are some greetings especially for you.

'Be you and never give up. You are perfect.'

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I wrote this because young people always think the worst of themselves and don’t think they are perfect but they are!

Young people often think that they have to be someone they’re not, which can affect their mental health more.

- Charlotte

'Grumpiness is a valid Christmassy feeling.'


You can’t always be your most positive self, even at Christmas. This is for the people who are finding it hard to muster up the ‘Christmassy feeling’.

- Aaliyah

'My mamma used to say it’s not Christmas until somebody cries.'

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I wrote this because your feelings are perfectly valid and everyone needs a Shrek to their donkey.


'Here's to next year.'

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I was in hospital last Christmas, but I’ve just been discharged, and so last year it would have been nice to have a reminder there will always be more Christmases.

- Laura

'Christmas trees come in all shapes and do we.'

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Christmas can be really stressful for someone with an eating disorder or who finds food stressful. They should be able to take time away from the food and drink if they want to.

- Alice

'Christmas is just another day... that I'll be there for you.'

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There’s so much pressure and expectation for Christmas to be a ‘perfect’ day, but the reality is that it’s just another day. For my friends who might not be having that ‘perfect’ Christmas, I want them to know that at the very least it will be a day that I’m there for them.

- Zoe

If you know someone that could be experiencing a difficult Christmas, you could send them a card with one of these alternative messages or come up with your own.

And remember:

'Whatever kind of Christmas you have…. You’re awesome!'

- Imogen

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