Volunteering at YoungMinds: An Intern’s Point of View

In this blog from our National Volunteers Week series, our Digital Communications Intern Marlen talks about her experience at YoungMinds.

This week is National Volunteers Week, which celebrates the contribution of over 21 million people volunteering for different causes and organisations across the UK. As I am currently undertaking a voluntary internship in the Media and Campaigns team at YoungMinds, I’d like to share my experiences and hopefully encourage others to do so, as by celebrating volunteering we are also celebrating the organisations that thrive because of them.

Supporting Young People

I had hoped to get involved with YoungMinds after looking at their website and the work they do around championing mental health for children and young people, which is a cause I feel very strongly about - both because of my own experiences as a teenager and in seeing the importance of emotional support for the young people around me while transitioning into adulthood.

From the beginning of my voluntary internship, the positive impression I had of YoungMinds only continued to grow. The wonderful work they do revolves around four pillars; empowering young people and children, training professionals, supporting parents and making mental health accessible.

Gaining Experience in Digital Communications

As a Digital Communications Intern I have been actively involved in contributing to YoungMinds’ work through providing support for social media, research and campaigns to further their reach in the digital world, and I have also gained valuable insight into the inner workings of a charity organisation because of staff meeting across departments.

Most importantly the environment that is the YoungMinds office is a reflection of the ethos of promoting emotional wellbeing, as there is a genuine interest in creating wellbeing at the workplace. By genuine, I mean an atmosphere that goes beyond polite etiquette to being around people who care about others and the cause they are working for.

Contributing to the Team

On the more professional side, it is a genuine interest from my supervisors that I make the most out of my time here, both by developing my skillset through practical work and also by actively contributing to the team through ideas and suggestions.

Equally important is the amicable way in which the staff connect and cooperate with each other. Examples of this include lots of laughter, being offered tea by your manager and having colleagues string together impromptu balloons for your birthday.

To sum up, volunteering for YoungMinds the past few months has been an enriching and rewarding experience for me as I had the opportunity to explore my role here by exercising new skills, while learning about the structure and demands of a non-profit.

Thanks from the team

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank Marlen for all her great work with us. She's been invaluable in bringing new ideas to the team. We've loved having her here and seeing her grow and develop her skills. 

For more information about Internships with YoungMinds see our opportunities here https://youngminds.org.uk/about-us/jobs/ 

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