Tower Hamlets Mark Your Mind Launch Party

September 22nd was the launch party of the Tower Hamlets Mark Your Mind campaign, in partnership with YoungMinds.

The evening celebrated all the projects from the campaign: the Mark Your Grime music tracks, My Mind, My Lens art project, Mark Your Mind documentary-drama film and an exciting live performance!

Bringing together the people of Tower Hamlets under one roof, the evening was held in the comfortable surroundings of the Spotlight youth space. Upon arrival, attendees were treated to a delicious pizza platter and marked their favourite hangouts on a map of the borough.

Mark Your Mind film

When everyone was seated, bellies full from pizza, an introduction to the campaign was given which led on to the #MarkYourMind docu-drama film.

Created by YoungMinds and Tower Hamlets’ All Abilities Youth Forum, the production includes a short drama about two teenagers experiencing mental health issues and how they benefit from talking about their problems.

This is interspersed with questions and insights from the young people where they discuss ways to make improvements to mental health and wellbeing.

Mark Your Mind documentary-drama

Mark Your Grime music workshop

Next up was the #MarkYourGrime music project; an exciting four-day workshop that challenged the stigma around mental health. The young people involved collaborated with Slix and Prince Rapid from Ruff Sqwad to produce three music tracks.

Tofi, Olu and Jubz – three of the young people on the project - introduced their Grime tracks to the crowd.

My Mind, My Lens art project

To follow was the My Mind, My Lens two-day visual arts project, in which young people from Tower Hamlets created collages, artwork and photography inspired by areas of the borough that held personal meaning.

Their inspirational designs were on display throughout the youth space giving the event a colourful centrepiece. 

Tofi’s spoken word poem

Last up was 11-year-old Tofi, who gave an encouraging speech about overcoming life’s obstacles and learning to try again if you don’t succeed at first.

This was followed by a brilliant performance of his inspiring spoken word poem which discussed life issues and making positive changes.


YoungMinds would like to say a massive thank you to everyone involved in the Mark Your Mind project! 

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