Talking About Building Boys' Mental Health Resilience

Emma Saddleton, Senior Helpline Coordinator for our Parents Helpline recently talked about building boys' mental resilience with HuffPost UK Parents. Giving practical tips and advice on talking to boys and how to get them to open up to you about their feelings.

Emma talks about how parents can lead by example and help children to understand that it is normal to have bad days and worries. How they can help by normalising the different emotions we all feel and creating an environment where everyone feels able to express their feelings.

About how important sleep, relaxation, exercise and a healthy balanced diet are. On looking for warning signs she advises

Trust your own instincts, you are the best advocate for your child, you know what is normal for your child."

Other questions she tackles are:

  • What to do if your child's school is ignoring bullying?
  • How to deal with a child who has stolen from a parent? How do you get the right balance between letting them know that behaviour is unacceptable but not being too severe?
  • How to cope with different parenting styles?

Watch the full interview on HuffPost UK Parents Facebook Page’

The live chat on HuffPost Parents was part of their Building Modern Men series.

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