Reaching Out Digitally: Teens, Technology and Mental Health Training

Following the launch of our Resilience for a Digital World report, in this blog we take a look at how our training can help you prepare young people for the digital world.

Young people’s usage of online platforms has drastically increased. By 2010, the vast majority of 9-16 year olds in the UK (96%) reported going online at least weekly. At YoungMinds we offer training opportunities which support you to support the young people you work with, by understanding their digital lives.

A Digital Age

In a report published last year for Safer Internet Day 2015, 55% of 11- 16 year olds said they use technology to interact with their closest friends several times an hour. Sixty per cent said they’d be lonely if they couldn’t talk to friends via technology.

As Resilience for a Digital World reports, the membership of social networking sites has also seen a sharp increase over the same period, with two thirds of 9-16 year internet users holding at least one account; rising to 92% of 15-16 year olds.

These statistics are dramatic, with social media presenting perhaps the single greatest influence on the social lives of young people.


With new opportunities, come new risks. Significantly, the majority of young people involved in the survey said they've occasionally experienced someone being mean to them (51%) or their friend (59%) online.

Last year’s ChildLine report revealed an 87% increase in counselling about online bullying over the past three years

And as Jessica’s blog for us shows, these incidences of cyberbullying can have severely negative, sustained impacts on the mental health of young people.

Making a safer internet

As well as publishing the report, YoungMinds has already run a successful online campaign called #MatesMatter, to grow awareness among young people of how they can look out for their friends online.

However, how can we – as professionals, parents and carers who work with young people – ensure that we continue to provide relevant support in an increasingly digital age?

Training: Teens, Technology and Mental Health

YoungMinds’ training course on Teens, Technology and Mental Health has been created to improve your understanding of the impact of technology on mental health, helping you to learn the best techniques for supporting the young people you work with and how to support a resilience building approach to use of technology and the internet. 

Interactive course

This interactive course challenges perceptions of social media use, and offers opportunities to explore the positive impact that this may have on mental health, as well as potential detrimental effects. 

Participants will have the opportunity to explore social media, films, websites and apps to further their understanding of technology, young people and mental health.

Topics covered

  • Different technologies and how young people use them
  • Risks and benefits to emotional well-being including on-line safety and on-line support
  • Useful websites supporting mental health
  • Bullying, cyber-bullying and how to develop positive anti-cyberbullying policies and practice
  • The resilience framework and technology- using technology to promote resilience in young people
  • Tools which you can use to address the risks and increase the benefits of technology for young people.

Book your place

There are still places available on our upcoming Technology, Teens and Mental Health training day on the 11th March. 

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