Online Pressures: Reaching Out

As part of our YoungMinds Vs Online pressures campaign, we are sharing a film made by BA students of the Met Film School for YoungMinds, which highlights the effects of cyberbullying but also a positive way to help your friends by reaching out to them online.

This short film depicts a young person struggling with the pressures of being connected to the online world through personified notifications.

Dealing with Bullies

If you’re struggling with cyberbullying these are some steps you can take for online protection and resilience:

  • Keep your settings on social media platforms highly private
  • Learn how to block and report on different social media platforms
  • Talk to someone- it could be a friend or a trusted adult like a teacher if the bullying is school related
  • Don’t engage with your bully
  • Screenshot evidence of your cyberbullying

Further Support

ChildLine is available for all young people who are concerned about e-safety or other child protection issues on 0800 1111.

Parents concerned about their child being bullied online can contact YoungMinds’ Parents Helpline on 0808 802 5544

Furthermore, for a broader view of policy recommendations for young people to be able to respond positively and deal with risks they encounter online, you can download our Digital Resilience Positioning paper

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