November Mental Health News Round Up

New Cap On Waiting Times For Mental Health Treatment

The Government have announced plans for a cap on waiting times, to guarantee that children will receive treatment for mental illnesses within four weeks. However, this plan is set to be delayed until 2021 due to staff and funding shortages.

Sarah Brennan, our Chief Executive says:

“The green paper is a huge opportunity to tackle the mental health crisis we are seeing among children and young people in England."

Schools must be given support and funding so they can help young people who are struggling with their mental health, as well as help them build resilience to cope with the ups and downs of normal life. But it is also crucial that the government commits to a proper long-term sustainable funding for CAMHS.
Sarah Brennan, Chief Executive

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To find out more about the Green Paper and what it must include, read our Ten Priorities for Government.

60% Of Young People Referred For Mental Healthcare Not Treated

Data from 32 NHS Trusts in England has shown that around 2/3 of under-18s who are referred to CAMHS are not receiving treatment. The data, released from Spurgeons children charity, also shows that 40% of patients referred to CAMHS in 2016/17 were never assessed.

Tom Madders, our Director of Communications & Campaigns, says:

“These figures are alarming. We know from calls to our parents’ helpline that far too many young people with mental health problems do not get the help they need, and that too often the right support is not available until they reach crisis point."

That’s why the government must ensure that CAMHS funding reflects the true scale of the need, and that money is not siphoned off to other priorities.
Tom Madders, Director of Communications & Campaigns

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Leading Charities Urge Government To Address Mental Health Crisis

Along with 11 other mental health charities, we have penned an open letter to the Government, urging them to address the crisis facing mental health services in the upcoming Autumn Budget. The letter expressed concern that many people would be “locked out” of mental health services if funding wasn’t protected or increased. 

The letter also stated that:

The Government must increase investment in mental health services and ring-fence the mental health budget, ahead of the Autumn Budget. The focus must also be on investing upstream to prevent mental health problems from developing and escalating into crisis.

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YoungMinds Encourages Parents To Take 20 Minutes To Talk To Their Child

Talking to your child about how they’re feeling can be hard. We’ve launched a new campaign, #Take20, to encourage parents to take 20 minutes to do an activity with their child that creates a relaxed space for starting a conversation.

Our new #Take20 Parents’ Hub is full of tips, advice, activities and conversation starts to make talking easier.

Jo Hardy, our Head of Parent Services, says:

“Parents often talk to children of all ages about physical health and what the body needs to function well, including enough sleep, good nutrition and regular exercise. Having these conversations about mental health should be no different – talking about feelings and emotions enables children to understand how they are feeling and how they’re behaving to express those feelings.”

Talking about emotions, feelings and mental health can also help a child or young person recognise when they are struggling and what steps they need to take to start feeling better, like reaching out for help or talking to someone.
Jo Hardy, Head of Parent Services
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