NHS Long Term Plan Commits To Young People's Mental Health

Read our response to the NHS Long Term Plan, which outlines the NHS's commitments to young people's mental health for the next decade.

This morning, the NHS Long Term Plan was published, which lays out the NHS plans and priorities for the next decade.The plan follows Theresa May’s announcement in June 2018 that there would be an extra £20 billion investment into the NHS.

The NHS Long Term Plan has committed to:

  • An extra £2.3billion for mental health services per year by 2023-24, with a commitment to a proportional growth in funding for children’s mental health
  • An ambition to support an additional 345,000 more children and young people with their mental health through CAMHS, community mental health services, as well as support in schools and colleges by 2022/23.
  • An expanding age appropriate crisis care for children and young people, including a 24/7 telephone hotline for anyone experiencing a mental health crisis.
  • Creating a comprehensive mental and physical health model for 0-25 year olds to avoid difficult transition into adult services at 18 years old
  • New services for children with complex needs which are not being met, including children who have been subject to sexual assault

Alongside 30,000 of you, we campaigned for a new era for young people’s mental health. Together, we were fighting for a greater investment to Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), better crisis care for young people, and a solution to the cliff edge of support that many young people face when transitioning into services at 18. Thank you to everyone who supported the campaign, and sent a strong message to Theresa May that children’s mental health had to be a key priority.

Many of these asks have been met by the NHS Long Term Plan, and now it is crucial that this plan is effectively implemented, and that the Government continue to look beyond the NHS at non-clinical, preventative support for young people to help tackle the scale of the need.

Responding to the NHS Long Term Plan, our CEO Emma Thomas said:

“The mental health commitments outlined in today’s announcement are very welcome. The ambition to support an additional 345,000 young people, a continuous 0-25 years care approach, improvements to crisis care and early intervention could all make a huge difference to the lives of many young people and their families who are desperate for help."

To make sure that these ambitious proposals come to fruition, we must ensure that the NHS Long Term Plan is implemented effectively.

"The much needed investment into mental health alongside the commitment to proportionally increase funding for young people’s services is vital and long overdue. Right now, over a million young people have a diagnosable mental health problem, and the vast majority aren’t able to access mental health support from the NHS. To make sure that these ambitious proposals come to fruition, we must ensure that the NHS Long Term Plan is implemented effectively with workforce issues properly addressed and funding reaching frontline services. And with a rising scale of need, and hundreds of thousands of young people still unable to access support, the Government must also look beyond the NHS to provide non-clinical, preventative support locally for every young person who needs it.”

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