New Figures on CAMHS Waiting Times

New FOI data from HSJ shows hundreds of children wait more than a year for CAMHS treatment

New Figures on CAMHS Waiting Times

New FOI data from HSJ shows that in 2017-18, more than 500 children needing Tier 3 Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services have waited over a year to start their treatment. Half of the 11,482 children needing treatment waited more than 18 weeks following their initial assessment. Only 14% began treatment within four weeks.

True figures are likely to be much higher, as only 30 out of the 50 trusts approached by HSJ responded to the FOI requests with this year’s data.

HSJ found that the vast majority of clinical commissioning groups and a smaller number of mental health trusts did not know how many young people were waiting for assessment and treatment, or how long they had to wait.

The investigation also found children and young people are waiting a long time for their initial assessment. Only 30 percent of children were assessed within four weeks of referral, with 4,309 children waiting more than 18 weeks, and 992 waiting for over a year.

Marc Bush, our Director of Policy says:

“Many young people are facing unacceptable waits, and many parents don’t know where to turn to get help for their children."

Our research revealed only 9 per cent of young people found it easy to get support, with many facing unacceptable waits as well as reporting barriers at every step of the way, from being referred right through to receiving treatment.
Marc Bush, our Director of Policy

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