Mind over Marathon

BBC follows the progress of Heads Together runners as they prepare to take on the challenge on the London Marathon 2017 and tackle the stigma around mental health.

Mind over Marathon

The BBC has been following the progress of Heads Together runners as they prepare to take on the challenge of the London Marathon 2017.

The first in a two part series, Mind Over Marathon, will be aired on 20th April. In this episode, the group come from all over the country to meet for the first time at a training camp. Each runner faces different challenges, some right from the start, and the show follows their experiences. The Duke of Cambridge also gives a special interview explaining why he chose to support the Heads Together campaign.

The second episode will be aired next week and features Poppy who is running for YoungMinds.

YoungMinds runners Paul and Norman Scates and Leane Stevenson also spoke on the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire show, sharing their experience of mental health difficulties and why they are running to support us and raise awareness.  Leane, whose daughter struggles with psychosis, emphasised the importance of being able to talk about mental health and listening to people who are struggling with mental health issues.

Life for my daughter, and for people who have mental health problems is very very hard. They need people to listen
Leane Stevenson

Paul who has struggled with psychosis spoke of the importance of people getting support.

Recovery is possible, it’s making sure we guide people and give them the right support they need
Paul Scates, London Marathon runner
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