Mental Health News Roundup

Mental Health News Roundup

Prince Harry opens up about mental health; MP’s warn that a lack of money is forcing schools and colleges to cut back mental health services and we call on political parties to make manifesto promises to rebalance the education system.

With mental health in the media spotlight at the moment, we round up some of the key stories.

Wellbeing in schools

We called on political parties to make manifesto promises to rebalance the education system and realise the importance of wellbeing in our schools. Our open letter was published by the Telegraph,  and reported on in TES and Teaching Personnel.

MP's joint enquiry

A joint enquiry by MP’s, supported many of our open letter's recommendations, warning that a lack of money is forcing schools and colleges to cut back on mental health services. The Guardian. The same enquiry argued that schools should teach students how to deal with online risks. Huffington Post.

Social media

Social media companies were accused of failing to protect children and young people from bullying, messages about self-harm and inappropriate images online. The BBC and Huffington Post reported on a survey of 11- to 18-year-olds.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry opened up about seeking counselling after spending nearly 20 years "not thinking" about the death of his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales. Telegraph,  BBC, Huffington Post, Independent, The Guardian.

The London Mental Health marathon

The London Mental Health marathon made headlines as The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry cheered on runners at this year’s London marathon, which had chosen HeadsTogether as its Charity of the Year.  Huffington Post, Telegraph, Daily MailKLFM, Scottish Sun, You, Shortlist

Parents call for better mental health education 

And finally, in a survey of 1,000 British parents, 79% call for better mental health education in schools. Messenger News, TES

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