Mental Health and Song-Writing

15 year old Tascha uses song-writing as a way of release, to express her feelings and improve her wellbeing. Here she writes about going through tough times.

When I write, there is no one there to judge me.

Knowing that I have the ability of choosing who I show it to gives me the confidence to write what I truly feel. I never regret what I write because once I start, I cannot stop. When I express my feelings they all come out with my opinion, on each separate parts and in incredible detail. Getting my feelings out to people is a way of releasing to everybody the truth of how I feel. When I am then around them, they will know what my mindset is at the time and care for as I would care for them. When others encourage me to be positive about myself, this helps my wellbeing improve as I know these are the people I need around me.

a way of releasing to everybody the truth of how I feel

Here is one of my pieces of writing, ‘Through Tough Times’

Hard times we all go through,
For some that’s hard to understand,
That none of this was planned,
We keep it all in to hide how we feel,
Stress is so heavy it’s hard to deal

Not many people see the real person inside,
That’s the part we try to hide,
Problems just always pushed to the side,
That’s most people’s state of mind,
Everyone would feel so blind,
To not know what’s going on,
That our lives are just a con,
Just because it feels like everything goes wrong

Not many people see the real person inside

Doesn’t mean you can’t have fun,
Or to go out in the sun,
Happy times are for everyone,
So when the day is done,
Just remember that you’re number one,
It doesn’t matter what others think,
Even if you’re face goes pink,

Have the confidence you deserve,
And soon everyone will learn,
That your worries and concern,
Make your mind twist and turn,
And your ears start to burn,
When you always hear the words that you will be fine,

Just remember that you’re number one

You just write the truth in every line,
Trust me it’s worth every dime,
Just close your eyes and open your mind,
Try not to rush just take your time,

Use every minute that you have,
Even achieve what you don’t plan,
Ask your friends for advice,
But before you ask please think twice,
Or take the risk and roll the dice,
People you trust can be right,
Even if you think it’s out of sight,
Reach your goals with all you’re might,
Just give your troubles there biggest fight.

People you trust can be right

When you’re down and feel alone,
Just think of the good things you have done,
Trust me and put your faith in someone,
Tell them what you feel,
Your thoughts to them will become real,

Trust them like they will you,
There is just so much that you can do,
To help yourself and them too,
People I trust there is very few,
I just needed someone to know,
So I could finally just let go,
Of everything that makes my high-low,

I just wanted back my glow,
That I always used to show,
Then my journey became slow,
When I kept in the flow,
Of how my lives wind would blow,
Even if it wasn’t able to stay,
As myself every day,

I just needed someone to know

All that effort made me tired,
My life has won because I retired,
I turned into a cheat and a liar,
I let every trouble fuel my fire,
My family was my trigger,

Lighting my fuse made sparks flicker,
My bad thoughts just got bigger,
No matter how many people tried to help,
I never let them know how I felt,
Whatever card I was dealt,

The higher my walls got built,
And people would say they felt guilt,
I wondered how serious they were,
But to me my life was just a blur,
All I thought was why care,
Because to me they weren’t there,
When my life didn’t feel fair,

I just don’t know how some people dare,
Tell me that they understand,
If it was real I would have every flawed brand,
Even on the palm of my hand,
I would hold my pride by every strand.

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