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Looking After Your Mental Health In A New Season

Whether you're starting in a new school, new class or new university, looking after your mental health is particularly important during a time of change.

September is a month of many new starts. 

New schools, new classes, maybe even a new home or city if you’ve gone to university. For me, September was the start of a new job. And with that, came many new things I had to figure out.

New seasons can be daunting. So it’s important to look after your mental health to give yourself the best possible start.

Here are a few tips:

Keep a list of what you’ve achieved

Whether it’s in your head, on your phone, or on paper, keep a list of the things that you’ve achieved to get to this point. Starting something new can often mean doing things you haven’t done before, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or defeated by this. Keep a list of what you’ve done – however big or small – to build your confidence and remind you of how far you’ve come.

Know that you're not alone

Everyone has had to start something new before, so you are not alone in this. If you’ve started a new school or university, chances are they’ll be people around you feeling the same way. Try chatting to someone about how you’re finding everything. You may make a new friend in the process!

Continue to do the things you enjoy

Starting something new doesn’t mean everything has to change. If you can, continue with a regular routine that you have – that could be going for a run once a week or reading a book each day. Doing something you enjoy on a regular basis will help give you that sense of stability when a lot of other things are changing.

Find out where you can get support from

If you’re feeling anxious or it’s all getting a bit much, you don’t have to keep it to yourself. You could talk to a friend, parent or guardian. They’ll want to know how you’re doing and how they can support you.

Another option, is that many schools, universities and workplaces have people in place to talk to you about how you’re feeling. You could find out who they are and book in some time to talk to them – it’s exactly what they are there for.

Be kind to yourself

Starting something new can be tiring! Be realistic about what you can manage, rest and reward yourself.

You've totally got this! 


Illustration by Jen at YoungMinds

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