#GlobalApplause to all our Volunteers

On International Volunteer Day, a day to celebrate all volunteers,  we're giving all our YoungMinds volunteers a #GlobalApplause to recognize the huge contribution they make.

We'd like to say a massive thank you to all our wonderful activists, Parentline volunteers, fundraisers and interns who give their time, experience and enthusiasm to help us work towards our goal, we really couldn’t do it without you."

What Our Volunteers DO

Our fantastic volunteers help us in a number of ways:  

  • Giving out vital, and sometimes life-saving, advice and support to parents on our Parents Helpline
  • Raising much needed funds by running a marathon, organising a bake sale, or any other of the brilliant ways our community fundraisers raise money for us.
  • Our young activists who help inform and steer our campaigns by telling us the things that are most important to them – ensuring that our voice is the voice of young people
  • Our office based interns provide support in all areas of the organisation while developing the skills and experience in a charity-based workplace
  • Our parents on participation projects make sure parents’ experiences are being listened to and help to inform policy.

Volunteer's Voice

What’s a typical day like on The Parents Helpline?

“What’s a day on the helpline like? Never typical. At 09:30 the phones start to ring and the team for the day answer as many as they possibly can, dealing with the callers’ problems, worries and experiences. We ask questions, suggest ways forward, provide information about services relevant to the problem and crucially, in the more difficult situations, we can arrange for a longer phone consultation with a YoungMinds mental health professional adviser. All calls are logged on a confidential database, with permission from the caller.

At 16:00 the service closes and we go into a team debrief to share some of the calls we’ve taken. The debrief is an important off-load, discussion and mutual support time when calls have been, say, particularly harrowing or complex and it is also a time for ongoing learning.

At the end of any given day, most advisers would say that it is a privilege to be able to be a listening ear and sympathetic, encouraging voice to a parent or carer, who needs to talk it through and ask what they should do next.” – Barbara, former PHL Volunteer and now YoungMinds staff member.


Are you looking to volunteer? We'd love to hear from you. We regularly recruit for Activists, Interns and Parent Helpline volunteers. Find out more and apply via our vacancies page or for Activist opportunities here https://youngminds.org.uk/get-involved/join-the-movement/young-people/

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